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Walking the Streets members

We all have a happy smile on our faces because we had a lot of visitors at our vernissage! And we are so pleased that our photographic exhibition, “Walking the Streets”, was so well received!
It is always difficult to know in advance how well an exhibition will be received! But there was no need to worry! Our visitors appreciated the “urban theme” we used as a base for our pictures but each photographer had their own interpretation of it,
Birgitta Bratthall has depicted city dogs in various surroundings from Sweden and Spain including a special “dogs café”.
Irina Johansson, based her pictures on shapes, colours and form in the urban landscape.
Marika Lindbom has specialized in portraying people in the city jungle in New York, Stockholm, Lissabon and other cities.
Olle Robin has followed the transformation of a citylandscape close to Stockholm with old, worn down buildings and social misery to modern high rise behemoths.
SO Ronnskog portrayed the hectic pulse in the city of Stockholm but also how people relax and enjoys the surroundings.
Hans Wahlgren has taken a no of rather astounding pictures of women playing rugby in an urban environment.
Instead of “street photography” we prefer to call it “urban photography” which is a wider interpretation of “street photography” and not so rigorous as the term sometimes implies.

From left to right: Irina Johansson, SO Ronnskog, Birgitta Bratthall, Hans Wahlgren, Marika Lindbom and Olle Robin.

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